Plum n' Rum Tarte Tatin

Ruby red Plum Tarte Tatin on a plate with mascarpone, crushed pistachios and sumac. The plate is sitting on a Teal cloth
Plum n' Rum Tarte Tatin

A classic Tarte Tatin using fresh red plums and spiced rum. Served with Maple syrup Mascarpone, crush Pistachios and Sumac.

This easy recipe has all the trappings of a traditional Tarte Tatin but with some added oompf! The spiced rum adds a nice warming element and the maple sweetened mascarpone lends an indulgent yet cooling component to contrast the warm plum caramel.

Tarte Tatin (pronounced - Tatan) is one of those dishes that was discovered or rather, invented by happenstance way back in 1880 France. This firms my opinion that there is no such thing as mistakes, only opportunities! If you are interested in the history of the Tart Tatin click here.

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I hope you have a go at making this, I would love to see your Tarte Tatin if you have tried this recipe.
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