Japanese stuffed squid recipe

Delicate and tender squid stuffed with Shirataki noodles and ground pork.

It goes without saying, I love everything about Japanese cuisine. There's something about all the Umami flavours that really strikes a chord with me, not to mention the care, attention and almost ritualistic importance that the Japanese culture seems to devote to food.

After reading up on Shirataki noodles, I immediately had the idea for this recipe. The texture of the noodles combined withe the texture of the squid, made sense in my head, so when I trialed it, I was pleasantly surprised that it worked out.

Coincidentally, while I was drafting out this recipe, I received a message from the good people at www.sushisushi.co.uk who asked me to write a recipe for their blog and of course I obliged as I already had this in mind. I have been a customer to their store for a few years now and when ever I cant get the ingredients I need from a supermarket or my local Asian supermarket, the first place I go is to Sushi Sushi! They have a great range of authentic Asian ingredients and specialise in Japanese food, not to mention cookware, kitchen equipment and some very nice tableware.

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Hope you enjoy and let me know if you try it...

Brynley Jones

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