What's this "Hanger pains" all about then?

I will try and make this brief as I can...

Firstly, welcome to the Hanger Pains official website and my first Blog post! I've been expecting you...

For years I tried to deny that I was a "creative" person, a strange thing to admit you may say but let me explain.

I think the phrase "Adulting" is very apt but also quite cringeworthy and juvenile. Throughout my adult life, I've had it drilled into me to conform to societal norms. Get a salaried job, get a mortgage, buy a house, get married, have pets, buy a car, get promoted, buy a better car, have kids, mow the lawn, paint the fence, buy a more beautiful house. In essence, grind away your life in jobs you don't enjoy for not enough money for companies where you are just employee number X just so you can pay for stuff that has no real value other than a necessity to stay alive or perpetuate a false sense of existence. OK, well that was and somewhat still is a little of my experience. And when I break it down like this, admittedly it sounds bleak but I'm still here, and I am most definitely not unique in this situation or scenario. My point is all these things, to me were and are a distraction from my life passions and self-expression. Its a work in progress. Having said this, I am sure there is a way of balancing the good with the not so good or rather, better work to life ratio. At least for now anyway, once I have found the right track to mount my cart.

As a side note, I understand that certain aspects of modern societal constructs are essential and needed even if they present themselves to be mundane and irrevocable.

I decided about two years ago, as a process of personal growth, mindfulness and general much-needed self-maintenance to admit to myself that I am a creative person. In retrospect, I think this happened around the time I turned thirty, midlife crisis perhaps? No, I think more of a midlife awakening. I have avoided this side of myself for one main reason, judgement! I believe there are certain stigmas and stereotypes associated with creative people. To be clear, the type of people I am referring to are, as an example - musicians, artists, photographers, graphic designers, chefs, writers, filmmakers and so on...Or as some people would broadly put it, the "Hippy Dippy" types. Somewhere in the recess of my mind, I can still hear a familiar echo, "Get a real job ya hippy"! Thankfully, these days creativity or being a "creative" is undergoing, from my perspective some rebranding, and in my opinion, I believe it to be a result of the "Age of Social Media". I'm sure you must have heard or read somewhere that so and so is the next "Rock and Roll" chef and thingy me bob is a "Self Starter" releasing their debut album themselves...on their own, from their bedroom...wearing pyjamas! The world is at your fingertips, in your eyes, on your phone and up your ass. The traditional way we look at earning a living is changing and inevitable, we exist in two worlds, the physical and the virtual. All connected via an ethereal umbilical cord to the world wide web whether you like it or not.

I don't have a substantial objective for building this website or starting a blog, this is more my way of sharing my passions and giving it context. I'm in this to see where it goes and grows.

I am a photographer, a musician, a chef and now, I guess, a blogger. I may not be the best at all these things, but I don't measure my success by the weight of my wallet nor do I pit myself against my peers. I am merely on a journey to figure out a way to lead a happy and fulfilled life doing the things I love. I am proud to say that I am a creative person in whatever form that may be.

As you will have undoubtedly noticed, this website is to showcase some of my photography and share recipes. I am a keen traveller and hope to incorporate this somehow into the content that I put out.

With any new venture and or adventure, I need to survey the lay of the land, figure out which are the best paths to take through the peaks and valleys. In other words, bear with me while I learn this "internet thingy" and sus out the limitations of what I can, and can't do on this website. The goal is to make it as easy as possible to use, interactive, build a community and have fun.

I have already added some recipes to the recipe page, If there are any ingredients that I think may be hard to get hold of at your local supermarket, I will make a note and put it in the description of recipe card and point you to some links...probably on a separate page.

Any support towards what I do is much appreciated, I have to feed the hamster which turns the wheel. Word of mouth is one of the best and "free" ways of spreading the word of Hanger Pains. If you could share or recommend this website to just one of your friends, it goes a long way and every little helps.

This website is entirely self-funded (with a little help from family), and all content is FREE (*except photos - subject to copyright). I appreciate and welcome any constructive criticism/feedback towards the functionality of the website. The goal, and for full transparency, is to maintain and self-fund the site via various advertising platforms and affiliate marketing, this is to keep it free for users and no subscription or membership fees required.

So in summation, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this. This is just a little bit about myself, and what hangerpains.co.uk is, I hope you enjoy and explore the site, share with your friends and I hope to hear from you soon.


Brynley Jones